About MnSEIP:

Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Project (MnSEIP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2015 that is dedicated to educating the public and business community about Minnesota's solar industry. We partner with organizations across the state to help Minnesota remain a leader in solar energy. Meet our Board of Directors here.


MnSEIP's Mission:


“To diversify representation and increase economic participation, leverage and redistribute resources and power, deepen the interpersonal relationships, and prioritize all aspects of solar development with and for black and brown skinned folk to the explicit primary benefit of black and brown skinned folks and the development of their wealth.”


  • Diversify representation and increase economic participation of black and brown skinned folk across all sectors of the solar industry ecosystem in Minnesota to be in alignment with the representation of our future work force, public schools.

  • Leverage and redistribute the existing concentration of social, political, and knowledge power capital in Minnesota’s solar industry in collaboration, in solidarity, and to the benefit of, black and brown skinned folk.

  • Deepen the interpersonal relationships between black, brown, and white skinned folk within Minnesota’s solar industry.

  • Prioritize all aspects of solar development (siting, acquisition, design, engineering, sourcing, training, logistics, apprenticeship, management, operations, maintenance, financing, insuring, subcontracting, regulatory advocacy, policy advocacy, incentive advocacy, and ownership) with and for black and brown skinned folk to the explicit primary benefit of black and brown skinned folk.


MnSEIP's Vision:

  • To promote, foster, and advance the public understanding of renewable energy resources through cooperative partnerships with those involved in Minnesota's solar industry and its customers. 

  • To educate the public on the various applications of solar energy and it's many benefits.

  • To engage in appropriate political activities to benefit renewable energy customers and ratepayers.



Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Project


Solar Education for a Brighter Minnesota